Troubleshooting Guide

We are sorry you are having issues with your Luxium Durable Smartwatch! Below is our in depth troubleshooting guide covering a variety of issues and their solutions. If you cannot find the solution to your issue on this guide, please Contact Us describing the issue to the best of your ability.

Disconnecting Bluetooth

IOS / iPhone - 1. Navigate to your iPhone settings. 2. Select your bluetooth settings and search for your watch's connection (Crusader = K22, Totality = KR06). 3. Click the circled blue "i" to the right of your watch's connection. 4. Click "Forget Device" and confirm you have done so by seeing the watch being removed from the "My Devices" section. 

Android - 1. Navigate to your apps and open settings. 2. Select Bluetooth 3. Click the options icon next to the device you want to unpair. 4. Click unpair.

Resetting Your Watch

Luxium Totality - 1. Navigate to your app grid or list and open settings. 2. Scroll to find "Phone Reset" and proceed with resetting your phone connection via the watch. 3. Scroll to find "Reset" and continue. Your watch will restart and be reset upon starting. 

Luxium Crusader - 1. Navigate to your app grid or list and open settings. 2. Scroll to find "Reset" and continue. Your watch will restart and be reset upon starting. 

Connecting Bluetooth

Connecting your watch to your smartphone is relatively easy. Please know that there are 2 possible bluetooth connections to your phone per watch. One connection is for basic compatibility, and the other is for being able to dial and send phone calls and texts.

Make sure your watch is on and in range of your phone before starting. Navigate to your phones bluetooth settings and look for available devices. Select your watch to pair to your smartphone. The Crusader will show as "K22" and the Totality will show as "KR06". This connection will set up basic bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. 

To set up the advanced bluetooth capabilities, you must first complete the basic pairing instructed above. Once this is done, and you have a Crusader, navigate back to your app list and select Phone. Simply click "Turn On". If you have a Totality, navigate to your watch settings and click "Turn On Phone". Once you have done this a new Bluetooth connection will be established between your phone and watch. 

Phone Sound Playing Through Watch

Once both Bluetooth connections are established, audio from your smartphone will play through your watch. This is so you can hear and speak on calls through your watch. If you'd like to revert this, simply navigate to your phones bluetooth settings and disconnect from the second pairing of the watch. This will include an underscore and a series of characters (ex. KR06_4EA2). This will switch your audio output back to your smartphone. 

Using the DaFit App

Our durable smartwatches pair with our partnered app, DaFit. Using this app, you can access all the features of your watch including health stats and custom watch faces. Simply download the DaFit App using the links below. Make sure to use the link associated with your smartphone! Once the app is installed and opened, you will be shown the quick and easy instructions to get your watch fully set up! Here, you can access more detailed sleep and workout stats, change your watch face, customize settings and more. 

Apple iPhone App Store DaFit Download:

Android / Google Play Store DaFit Download:

Battery Underperforming

The Luxium Crusader has a 21 day battery life of standby time, and the Totality has a 14 day battery life of standby time, meaning the watch will hold power for this many days for basic time telling functions. However, just like a phone, it is important to note that the battery life is shortened depending on the tasks being done on the watch.

To extend battery life to the maximum, we recommend taking energy conserving measures such as lowering brightness, turning off AOD, silencing notifications and more. You can access all of these by turning on "Theatre Mode" found in your watch settings