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bought it for a gift and my son (teenager) loved it haha is nit easy to please teenagers but this watch is just amazing and great price!

I chose this watch because of the great reviews along with having the specific features I wanted. I have been very pleased with everything.

I'm an older walking enthusiast, and like to keep track of my daily steps, heart rate and miles walked. This sport watch does that for me as well as all my phone functions including receiving text messages. I'm very please with my purchase oif this watch and would recommend it to all my friends and family.

For the price a sharp watch I recommend highly

I'm a machine operator, welder, wood worker. This watch handles everything I've put it through far. Highly recommend if you're a tradesmen/tradeswomen.

I bought for my children this smart watches because look that was very good and they like them to much and they are using it every day and every moment check for all functions that this smart watch has for them

The product which was reasonably priced surpassed my expectations.

This is the first Smart watch I have gotten in years and it's the best one it works as avertised

The watch was smarter than me.

The watch itself performed well and fit nicely.

Good size for bigger men. Easy to see and use display. A bit tricky setting up but got most functions going ( only been a few days so will update later if issues arise).

Love this watch love the features that come on it. Very easy to set up. Really is a very nice item for the money.

I was blown away by the product quality

Luxium makes great watches. I have three different models, the Stinger is my favorite.

Very elegant and easy to use watch with many applications!!!

I like that it's got a long battery and I like the way that it looks and the fact that you can use it to answer phone calls

Battery life is great. Seems to be good material that should last.

I bought this watch back in July and it's been super awesome , was waiting to do a review until I had it for a bit of time.

Great purchase for a fitness watch. I would recommend to anyone interested in a fitness watch.

Not bad for the money. It does what it says, keep track of heart rate, steps, time, everything you'd expect from a more expensive smart watch.

The Shield is a great watch to get if you work a manual job, both price wise and durability wise.

Very tough watch. Delivery was also super fast.

Great watch for the price.

its light weight, clear phone calls with longer battery life


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