About Us

Welcome to Luxium – Where Toughness Meets Tech

Our Beginning

Born in the dynamic landscape of Las Vegas in 2022, ShopLuxium.com was forged from the frustration of a former construction worker with underperforming smartwatches. Here, he started to challenge the status quo of fragile tech.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple – build smartwatches as tough as the men who wear them. We're about creating devices that aren't just smart, but also rugged and reliable, ready to face the grit and grind of everyday challenges.

Our Gear

Designed in the heart of Vegas, our smartwatches are built like a fortress but function like a command center. They're not just accessories; they're armor - sleek, smart, and sturdy.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our gear, ensuring that each piece is as robust and reliable as our customers. Every watch sold is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. You break it, we replace it.

Join Us

Join the ranks of men who don't just wear a watch, but wield a tool designed for life's toughest battles. Luxium is more than a brand; it's a badge of resilience and smart living. Use code FREE10 on your order as a gift from us.

Tough. Smart. Unstoppable. 

That's not just our smartwatches; it's our promise to you. Welcome to Luxium, where we're redefining strength one tick at a time.